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March 5th

"Learn how to take UX research out of the lab at UXPA2015"

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You know what your users experience in the lab setting, when they are in a controlled environment.  But what happens when they actually take your… Continue Reading

February 5th

"Wearables and the future of qual"

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Wearable technology is the all the rage in many circles these days, and qualitative research is no exception.  Personally, I’m quite excited about the opportunity… Continue Reading

August 9th

"Pop-up Communities: What’s old is new again"

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I was recently speaking with a technology partner about applications for online communities, and she used the term “pop-up communities.”  Since I love pop-up restaurants… Continue Reading

January 23rd

"Dear Diary – are you getting the most from your diary studies?"

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I had the pleasure of presenting on diary studies at the QRCA 2012 conference in Montreal.  The upshot?  There have never been more ways to… Continue Reading

September 21st

"Is Facebook good for qualitative research?"

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Ten years ago, could you imagine sharing your vacation photos with your entire social network?  How about your political or sports favorites?  But today, I… Continue Reading