About Us

Abby Leafe has been a qualitative researcher for 19 years, having started her career in advertising.  In fact, a brief stint in graduate school was enough to make her run screaming from academia and she is forever grateful to the helpful headhunter who told her that, in fact, people will pay her to do research.  She interviewed for a job in qualitative research shortly after finishing her M.A. and the rest, as they say, is history.  Little known facts about Abby:

  • The first focus group she ever moderated was online, back in 1999.
  • She conducted online research for two years before making the jump to talking to real live people in 2001.
  • Voted “Most Theatrical” in high school, we probably should have known she’d find a career with two or more shows nightly

Abby is a past president of QRCA, served on its board from 2006 – 2011 and was the recipient of its 2018 Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award.  New Leafe Research is based in Newtown, PA.